There are different ways to trade a cryptocurrency with the help of numerous algorithms. Always look for 5 factors before purchasing any cryptocurrencies or Crypto Derivatives.

Retail validity: Know where your cryptocurrency is purchased as well as accepted. Know if you can exchange it too

Consensus Method: Verification methods are supposed to be double checked all the time

Trading volume: Daily trading volumes are very important. 


  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
    The project was read and analyzed. Even a layman could make sure that it is highly profitable to invest here and the currency is going to be extremely succesfull. The concept of BAT is that they will connect you to the creator of the altcoins directly without the middle man (exchange) which is why you pay a commission. The people are paid for the ATTENTION they give to every currency. The more attention an advertiser gets, the more money he or he gets.
    The privacy of every user is highly secured. The BAT market cap has been shooting up. it has hit the charts high in a very short period.

    BAT users are: Founders fund, Propel Venture, Pantera Capital, Danhua Capital, Foundation Capital, Huiyin Blockchain and many more. 
  • Ravencoin

Raven chain focuses on your specific purposes. It will help determine the ownership of your assets flawlessly. It will also enable you to make direct payments. The feature of direct payments is available with any another altcoin, BITCOIN. The cryptocurrency is not in control of governments or any other authority. 


Bitcoin standing at the top of the chain, Ethereum backs the second spot. It is a widely known cryptocurrency. The recent FUD issues around this currency did not make the currency take a dip. There is no reason for you have doubt while investing in this currency. 

Vitalik Buterin had placed the path of Ethereums in the market. A bunch of developers were also behind the development of this currency. He was of the view that blockchains could be used for more than just making a payment. He leveraged the technology and taught the world that, applications can be created THROUGH blockchains.

Ethereum has graced the blockchain ecosystem by its presence. Smart contacts has attracted a major crowd of app developers and interested a flock of investors globally.

    Monero is one of the untraceable altcoin. It was also given the title of ANONYMOUS Bitcoin. It is private and highly secure. The cryptocurrency was launched in April 2014 and spiked great interest among the markets. Monera has developed its reputation and fame in the markets due to its security assurances. Monera had a market cap of $994 million.

    Monero works on a system known as ‘mixing system’ which makes is something similar to a black market. It surely has adopted a mode of darknet market which was also one of the major reasons why the cryptocurrency got its first boost so fast.  
  • SIA Coin
    The above mentioned altcoin is as dramatic as a Hollywood actress. The technology used by this altcoin is definitely and undoubtedly change the whole face of data technology and data storage. The altcoin has already marked its targets with red on a market dominated by Google, Facebook and Dropbox.

    The popularity of Sia is due to the feature that any user can participate in buying and selling. The user will get paid for leasing their spare storage. The whole concept of hardrives and purchasing extra usage is going to go for a toss. The host and the uploader will be connected and the contract will be signed. 
  • Factom
    Anothor block chain system based altcoin similar to bitcoin. The single has of a Factom is going to have the ability to store millions of records. It allows companies to store their database in their own block chains and hence create a hash of their own.

    Even though the HYPE about Factom has gone down in 2019, it is still one of the best long-term cryptocurrency to consider and invest in.

    Buisness apps might crack deals and the stocks and prices might shoot up. the stock is highly undervalued and hence buying the stock when the price is low is going to be highly beneficial. 
    The popularity that Tether had achieved made news and generated whispers throughout the globe. Tether had also been titled as ‘stablecoins’ because it always it always hit the market to a point which reduced volatility.

    All the other cryptocurrency have high and in fact extremely dramatic volatility. Thether does have price fluctuations but they are rather smooth.

    It is a blockchain enabled platform and aims to facilitate the distribution of flat currencies. The technology is developed s that the user can transact in his/her traditional currencies which would indirectly minimize volatility.

    Ranking wise, tether is the fourth largest cryptocurrency by the market cap. Its total market cap comes to $4.6 billion. 

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