Let’s start with a simple question, what is an ICO? 

ICO as it sounds is an Initial Coin Offering. It is a cryptocurrency that is equivalent to Initial Public Offering (IPO). The most amazing part of ICO is that it lacks all the formalities that we generally do in banks. 

Various companies are taking advantage of it because it is very simple for qualifying ICO. It just that , company only have to submit white paper and Yes! ICO will be qualified. It’s truly simple…isn’t it? 

An ICO has raised huge amount of money over last two years. According to several data, it has raised almost $5.6 billion by 2017, it’s truly a huge amount. 

An ICO is giving tough competition to other virtual coins and is able to manage following outstanding tasks like- 

  1. If the company require huge funding then ICO has provided simplest 

path for then to get the concerned amount at a particular time. 2. By just taking tokens of ICO, anyone can become investor. 

It was in July 2014, ICO get a proper attention of public when it raised $1.84 million economy. History of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) 

Ripple was the first cryptocurrency distributed by ICO. Other cryptocurrencies like Lisk have also funded in ICO , which in turn sold it for around $5mio in early 2016. But the most valuable and profitable cryptocurrency that has funded in ICO was Ethereum. They are benefitted with $20 mio, which is really a huge amount and has created history by becoming one of the largest crowdfunding ever. ICO Trading – 

ICO Trading is very much simple as you buy some stuff from the store. For, ICO Trading you need to buy some token then send some cryptocurrency to crowd sale address. And yes! You will now get the required amount of tokens in your wallet. 

The top 4 reason why your ICO won’t get funded in 2019 can be described as follows: 

  1. If your product is not eminent : 

Everybody love to wear branded clothes, want to invest in the renowned company. So why not investors looking the same qualities in your ICO. They will firstly see your product and after that they will start gathering information about it, and if they are not convinced by thus then they will surely not fund in your ICO because nobody want to invest their money less renowned company. 

  1. If your product fail to appeal : 

In business, it is actually seen that after a product, 100 of people are working some are associated with it as PR , some for designing it and some for giving good ideas to attract other companies. So,. Your strategy need to be perfect for funding your ICO. You will need amazingly talented persons to develop your product and selling it. 

  1. Doubted investors: 

This is the top most reason for why your ICO won’t get funded in 2019. Actually this has been one of the reason for past few years. According to Token data, 45-46% of ICO failed due to this reason. The rejection of several badly prepared Blockchain companies has created a healthy scenario but at the same time they have raised the level of doubtness among the investors. 

  1. Condition of market: 

You know it very well that , investment depends on Market condition, means how market is working, is it profitable for you or is sluggish etc. So if the market is as lazy as bear then investors would surely run away from you and your ICO funding. The performance of market hugely affect the ICO funding. 

Example- If some of the ICO has raised huge amount, but of the market condition is sluggish then it will definitely impact the amount that have been raised from different ICOs. 


The funding in ICO is totally dependent on your market strategy, your skills , support from investors etc. Make your product appealing, don’t leave the investors disappointed by any means and most importantly always be in touch with the market condition. Virtual currencies is all about being away from the real world. So plan it properly and implement it with courage then you will be surely succeded. 

The below given are some points for conclusion of the topic: 

  1. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, and is equivalent to IPO. 2. It is giving really a very tough competition to other virtual coins. 3. It has raised it’s economy very high. 4. Investment in ICO is a very good idea, because money will be fully 

secured. 5. The main reason behind non-funding of ICO may include bad product 

quality, less PR skills, doubted investors, and sluggish market conditions. 6. So, before investing check the above written things and apply it for 

better results. 

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