Paypal is unbudgeable, widespread and a distingished online payment system. There are three major approaches through which you can buy Bitcoins instantly with the help of Paypal. The procedure may seem frenzied but it is by far one of the most shielded way to go about purchasing and selling them. Cryptocurrency is becoming a new form of currency. 

People are starting to accept it as a currency and digital wallet. The popularity depicted through media and journals are pulling the audience towards them like a magnet. Finding a reliable source to buy cryptocurrencies is a job you ought to put your effort into. There are sites which would only gain from you and hand you comfortably with the losses. 


Through VirWox

VirWox was established in 2007 in Australia. It had started for exchanging gaming currencies and then expanded into trading other cryptocurrencies as well. It is now one of the most popular sites which has ties with PayPal as its major mode of payment. It is recognized as one of the oldest exchanges.


The user account can be created for free. However, there is no provision in the site to buy bitcoins directly. the user will first have to buy tokens known as Linden Dollars and then exchange it for bitcoins. 


VirWox does not necessarily ask for the user to verify. The site is secure and does not involve with third parties. It has its red-flag policies due to which fake accounts are deleted, blocked and suspended time and again. 


While buying through PayPal, the fee charged is a bit hiked. It would be around 3.4%. while withdrawing the funds, PayPal will charge you 1 EUR per withdrawal and the charges will remain same for bank transfer. 



LocalBitcoins site acts like a peer-to-peer exchange site which was launched in 2012. If the person you connect with on the site is willing to accept or pay you in your Paypal wallet for the exchange of their currency, then the conversion will be initiated by the site. But, the site will demand you to register on altcoin exchange like Binance.


LocalBitcoin is supported almost everywhere except form Germany and New York. The platform has an intuitive user interface. Once your email is verified and a seller is arranged or selected by you, you can transfer the amount or exchange by using PayPal.


The security set up for this site is quiet appreciable. It uses HTTPS protocal and a login Guard. Like any other site, it makes use of two factor authentication. Users mostly flock to this site because of its white hat program which gives it an upper edge over any other platform.



Paxful works like a decentralized exchange. It is again a peer-to-peer exchange founded in 2015. It offers a lot of payment options to the users. Paxful is open globally and the payment methods used by them is also accepted globally. 


It has a smooth interface and the information and guidelines can be understood by a novice. PayPal option of payment is available at this site. The user will need an email id to register on the site while registering. Once you proceed with your first trade, Paxful will automatically create a wallet for you. 


The site is encrypted with 258-bit SSL. It is authorized by the PCI vulnerability standards. Paxful does not charge any fee if you are a buyer. A 1% fee will be charged to the seller. There are no limits on the transactions. An amazing feature with this site is that, it accepts PayPal gift cards as a payment method. 


Through e Toro.
One of the most famous method to use Paypal to buy Bitcoins is using e Toro. It is used extensively. E Toro was a CFD’s broker in 2019 and has grown rapidly since then. It started developing a lot of trading services. Investors can buy their asset whenever they wish to and then withdraw it by connecting to their Paypal account. Wallet supports Bitcoins and the site is very friendly for beginners. 


You can buy and withdraw the bitcoins through PayPal but the site will not permit you to send the currency to people. Bitcoins can be purchased only through fiat currency. US residents cannot make use of this feature. The withdrawal fee can go up to $25 with an extra conversion fee. 


If your account is inactive for more than 12 months then an inactivity fee of $5 will be charged. 


There are various platforms to buy and sell bitcoins VIA PayPal. It is undoubtedly secure but expensive. The article has reviewed and summarized some of the most renowned and easy to use platforms which makes major use of PayPal. Whichever site is the most convenient and matches personal needs can be selected.